Winter Skincare

As Chicago is currently in the midst of a mini blizzard, I’d thought I’d share my winter skincare favorites. I think most of us in snowy, cold climates fall victim to dry, itchy skin this time of year, which is why I try to keep my skincare products light and moisturizing. Most of these are products that I use year-round but are perfect to keep your skin feeling fresh during these chilly months.

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Laura Mercier Flawless Skin One-Step Cleanser – This has been my favorite cleanser for years now. It’s super light and very gentle, which I like as my combination skin can find some products too heavy or drying. I use this morning and night and it easily melts away my full-coverage makeup without leaving my skin feeling stripped and dried.

Skinceuticals Phloretin CF – This is a miracle product and I do not say that lightly. After struggling for most of my teenage and young adult years with stubborn acne, I was left with moderate discoloration and scarring that was a huge source of insecurity for me. My aesthetician recommended this serum which I’ve been using for roughly two years and the difference is incredible. In addition to improving the appearance of discoloration, this serum also works to improve fine lines and protect against environmental damage. It’s incredibly light and my face feels noticeably dry and patchier whenever I’ve gone a few days without using it. The product is a little pricey but worth every penny as you only need a few drops. I use this every morning and it’s my go to product whenever I’m feeling like I need a little top-up with my skin. If you struggle with uneven skin tone or damage from the elements, I’d highly recommend this product.

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Day Lotion, Normal/Dry – If you’re noticing a theme here, you’d be correct. I’m all about lightweight products that provide the same benefits as those that are thicker or heavier. This lotion is extremely well light but incredibly moisturizing. I use this in the morning as it provides a great moisturized base for my makeup as well as at night after I’ve cleansed my face. Although my skin is combination and prone to oily spots, I’ve found that the normal/dry provides just enough moisture without making my face feel greasy.

Skinceuticals Clarifying Clay Masque – Living in the city, my face falls victim to an excess of toxins simply by strolling outside. I love a good masque in order to clear my pores but am always concerned about the drying impact on my already parched skin in the winter. This masque is thick and creamy and doesn’t dry my skin out in the slightest while still managing to decongest my poor clogged pores. Unlike other clarifying masques, this one contains aloe and chamomile and provides a noticeably calming sensation to the skin that doesn’t leave behind any unsightly redness. I love putting this on a few minutes before I shower and letting it dry before washing it off under the steamy water as a warming winter ritual.

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Eye Serum – Another serum, I know. But this one is specifically for eyes and it’s never too early to think about fine lines and wrinkles. As someone with superĀ fine skin under their eyes that’s exceptionally prone to bags and dark circles, this serum has made a huge difference in my general appearance. The serum is described as “water-light” and it’s 100% truth. However, despite its light consistency, it’s packed with all sorts of skin nutrients including peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, making it super moisturizing and powerful for such a delicate area of your face. My dark circles are noticeably brighter after using this and it rids my eye bags almost instantly. While another product that’s definitely a little pricey, its benefits are definitely worth the hefty tag.

What are your winter skin favorites? I’d love to hear any and all of your recommendations in the comments.